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Coworking? How does this new trendy space benefit you?

Not going to lie- we hear this ALL of the time, skeptics. I’d like to think I am close to perfecting my coworking pitch at this time but the names, faces people and places used in my examples change every time. Why? Because coworking works. Period, end of story.

Here is the thing, yes Prro is asking you to spend money but here is what you get with that…

Peace of mind: Our community manager not only would likely bring a cup of coffee to your desk if you ask nice enough, That same community manager will also make sure that the printer not only works but has ink and paper AND fixes it when it inevitable jams. If that isn’t enough of a win, let’s talk cleaning. Unless you are one of the .12% that actually enjoys cleaning, we take care of that too. The AC, internet, postman, you name it- we take care of it so that you are free to work on the shit you need to get handled- not everything else.

Connection: Get out of your house, meet new people, make new connections… expand that network. Yeah, that’s a perk. You are not held up in your home office hiding from the doorbell and barking dog while trying to take that conference call in your PJ pants. Yes, you. But connection in a coworking space is far more than just adding another business card to your Rolodex. Coworking spaces are hubs of (serendipitous) activity. Need to hire a bookkeeper, dog walker, app coder, babysitter, translator or someone to pick up your dry cleaning… there is a HIGH probability that someone in your coworking space can be the solution. The larger your network the smaller the degree of separation, don’t you know?

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Group of three young multi-ethnic successful business people sitting in coworking space, talking about new project of competitor team, making plans to bypass their project

Quality: This spans a couple different categories, but this was the best common denominator I could think of. Quality. Now I am not knocking your $50 IKEA chair and $20 lamp from Target (it sure is cute) but I will say, coworking spaces are designed for productivity. Your chair at the space? Its ergonomic and conducive to comfortable sitting for long periods of time. The sit-stand desk? There to keep you moving. The light, plant, aroma and strategic placement of coffee and power outlets… quality my friend. Box one, check. On to Box two… quality, quality of work life. As mentioned the design is conducive to productivity but coworking spaces are also built for collaboration, interaction, and growth. Over 80% of coworking space users report being happier and more engaged. Ever wonder why that is? The same school of thought applies to the quality of work-life balance… your work-space is no longer in your home, you get to reclaim that for sanitary purposes and you are forced to close your computer when your space shuts down. It draws the line for you. It doesn’t help to see others packing up their stuff at 5:30- inclusion is a good thing.


I could ramble on and on about why coworking spaces are better than home offices but it really just comes down to these three things. Not working in your home removes you from isolation and surrounds you with other motivated and driven people. It gives you an environment that is not only inviting but fosters growth and it connects you with your local community. It’s worth it, we dare you to try it.

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