Products delivered on-demand

Thousands of products delivered Daily

on an on-demand economy customers look to simplify their life by staying in their homes and use their smartphones to shop. With this growing demand Prro provides grocery chains fast delivery solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Fast and Safe, All your products, delivered From the Counter to your customers hands.

⁃ ON STANDBY scheduled or on-demand deliveries
⁃ SIMPLIFY ORDER Website partner integration tools
⁃ ALL EQUIPMENT Any size transport, consolidate deliveries to save money
⁃ DELIVER COLD OR HOT Our independent carriers meet your customers needs
⁃ 24/7 Seven day ready carriers, around the clock deliveries




Deliveries of groceries never been easier

More and more people are ordering groceries online and with Prro it’s never been easier to complete final mile with the world’s most reliable independent carriers using advance equipment to fulfill your customers orders.

Integrate with your brand

Our technology embedded in your site
⁃ let us know where pick and deliveries are
⁃ Organize routes and equipment option
⁃ Consolidate deliveries for efficiency and savings
⁃ Get tracking and notifications directly on your phone

We got your deliveries covered

⁃ Our technology your site
⁃ Professional logistical coordinators assistance
⁃ No revenue share or fees
⁃ $1 per mile $1 per minute

Let’s do it Power your business with our delivery systems

⁃ Equipment and trucking options
⁃ On-demand or scheduled deliveries
⁃ Billing and logistics management
⁃ Pay as you go- no long term agreements

Get customers your product to their doorstep anytime

⁃ Our tech on your site
⁃ Logistics managers and pros to help
⁃ Drivers on standby on-demand
⁃ Same day or scheduled routes

Let’s do it Power your business with our delivery systems