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Prro is where entrepreneurs come together

Ambitious individuals leave large corporations to join Prro. Why? Because starting a startup is the highest impact thing you can do with your life.

Prro is the best place to discover a co-founder, build a company or find the world’s best investors. We’ve helped build technology companies worth millions and have heavily invested in real estate.

Hollywood, California

Start date: 29th January 2019

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Lima, Peru

Start date: 18th February 2019

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Start date: 20th April 2019

20+ Years Of Experience

We are firm believers that companies with the most impact are created when smart, committed, and diverse individuals come together and create a breakthrough insight.

At Prro we bring together extraordinary people to create companies with ambitious and unique visions for the future. Prro helps entrepreneurs — from the very start of their journey — to form teams, choose a problem to work on, develop a differentiated approach, and fund-raise.

Prro has built and funded more successful tech startups than any other investor. Algorip was one of the largest AI exits we invested in, the startups we have built are now worth millions. Prro is your best shot to build a globally important company.

How it works?


To start a company, you need the right co-founder and a powerful insight. Prro is designed specifically for individuals looking to start a company from scratch. Once you join, you are introduced to a diverse, highly selective group of smart and insightful people — all looking to start their journey as entrepreneurs. Prro has helped hundreds of individuals find co-founders with complementary skills and shared passions.



Once you find a co-founder, you then work together to develop your company’s core insight. We help you avoid common mistakes, understand your potential customers, and identify the most valuable problem you can solve based on your unique skills and experience — your ‘edge’. Companies created at Prro span a wide set of sectors, from affordable robotics to AI-driven investment management platforms.


If your team has an ambitious vision, you’ll probably need funding to get customers and build a product. Prro accelerates this through continued guidance, an immediate investment in your company, and spot before hundreds of seed investors at Demo Day. We connect you with the right investors for your business, and help you navigate the fundraising process. Prro consistently helps teams raise more money on better terms.


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