PRRO is the perfect location for taking your business or studies to the next level, our ideology is to provide easy workspace solutions that enables to boost productivity with super fast WiFi-connections, Serene environment and meeting rooms for meetings of all shapes and sizes.


PRRO workspace are being used by undergraduates, freelancers, executives, startups, corporate of various industries and sectors. This mutual support not only uplifts the environment, but also helps to develop personal and social skills. As said ” Great minds discuss ideas”, we believe in energetic connections between like-minded people.

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Our systematized schedule of events consists of multiple keynote speakers and core events. Even if it has to be a mind-mapping, meeting, collaborating or simple presentations that needs to be completed, the designer desks, tables, sofas, super-fast WiFi and informal meeting areas provide the perfect place for every business need.

25 Years of experience

We in PRRO help businesses from startups to large multi-field corporations to realize the potential of their business ideas, We have a experienced in-house administrative team of PRROs to support business needs from call and email to marketing their unique thoughts in advanced locations amongst attractive markets.

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A co-working solution for branch offices or a custom solution for the headquarter, PRRO is a comprehensive workspace solution