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Prro independent carriers understand that customers want their food as soon as possible and it is essential for your food to be delivered with the utmost fastest expectation to their table. Our fleet of drivers and carriers will be on standby for you to handle any order for delivery as fast as a bullet!

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Organize, deliver, distribute in less the an hour with our high tech technology

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24/7 on- demand messengers with the most experienced logistics team

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Single dashboard management to keep you in the know with orders and deliveries

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Book a on demand job, or discounted monthly rates

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Receive proof of deliveries, and real-time notifications

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Consolidate your deliveries to save a bundle

 Your profile will have complete outlook under a single dashboard

⁃ Customize pickups and deliveries
⁃ Select your working radius
⁃ Choose transportation equipment
⁃ Consolidate your deliveries for efficiency

Give your website visitors a fast booking experience

⁃ select nearby drivers
⁃ Schedule delivery time or book on-demand
⁃ Volume order discounts
⁃ Mark your delivery territory with geofencing

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⁃ set your pick up and deliveries
⁃ Select equipment type
⁃ Pay securely through your profile
⁃ No revenue share or commissions
"Takes me 10 seconds to book a messenger with Prro and I get confirmations same day. No need to wait for answers I get notified through a text"
Roger Gridelli
Gridelli and Associates

Customization that fits your business needs

Our logistical coordinators will work with your team along the way to ensure maximizing your profit margins and save you money with easier routes

⁃ Customize your orders and pricing
⁃ Choose the best routes for your deliveries
⁃ Select extra equipment you need
⁃ Real-time reporting in a single dashboard

Increase clients trustworthiness with fastest deliveries

Use Prro delivery systems and watch your clients keep reordering
⁃ Notifications and tracking
⁃ Driver arrival estimation alerts
⁃ SMS communication with customers in real-time

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