A perfect working environment with ambient noise may lead to more out-of-the-box ideas. In modern times “Creativity” is proclaimed as a dominant quality of success. Creativity can enable us to see daily activities in a new prespective. A recent study based on human psychology highlights that our physical environment can have a huge impact on our inward psychology – spending more than  nine hours a day in a single, stale environment can have negative effect over your employee’s talent.


This blog focuses on small habits you can follow improve your creativity.

  1. Be aware of the surrounding.

Our ability to create begins with observing the world around us. How we look at our surroundings shapes our creativity. This will help you to bring up new possibilities that can improve your performance at work. Try to spot the relationships between things. Look for how different things are related to each other, how people impact on one another. These connections can help you generate a new view for ideas and spark your creative process.


  1. Adapt to a new working environment.

One easy hack to rejuvenate your qualities is to try changing your environment. A shared working office can help to boost new thinking, so try packing up your laptop and find a new office space where you can work freely. The space just needs to be comfortable, ensuring your desk and chair are at the right height and you’re well supported with basic ammenties.


  1. Take breaks.

A continous stationary life is bad for your health, and it turns out being active can also help you develop creative thoughts. Simply getting up and going for a walk will improve brain function and boost your creativity. Take short breaks every hour or two, grab coffee or even have a healty conversation to help you improve your mood.


  1. Be curious.

Creativity depends on curiosity. Our thought to look into a problem search for answers, develops innovative thoughts. Dont let your curiousity end. Try questioning your imagination by asking questions and look for thier answers.


  1. Dont quit on your hobbies.

You can increase your creativity by challenging yourself by starting a habit to create a new “CREATIVITY” every day, in whatever way it rings, whether that is writing, drawing, photography, painting, dancing, singing or creating music. Follow your mind and develop it fully, this will eventually help you to build self trust in your capabilites.


  1. Take time to imagine.

The key to using mind-wandering effectively is to direct it toward an area you’re looking for inspiration in. Be aware of the ideas you come up with, and note them down on a piece of paper. Best thing about imagination is that it follows you where ever you go. Its a crazy mind that things more than 10,000 thoughts a day, maybe 1 of it is your way to success.


  1. Always be productive.

Whatever it is you find interesting think about it in your brain and boost your creativity on a daily basis. Make reading and writing once daily a lifelong habit.  Be fun take pictures of the things you find amazing, take it home and think about it for a while.


Working on becoming more creative can help to be a better problem solver in all areas of your life and work.